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You Can’t Be What You Can’t See: Carving paths for Women Leaders #inspiredbywomen

This month at #inspiredbywomen we sit down with Nina Cummins, accomplished telecoms regulatory lawyer who is truly passionate about all things tech and can discuss spectrum auctions for hours. Also dear colleague, friend and mentor. Currently working at Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, but that’s only the beginning of her many adventures. Nina, you are now […]

Holiday Viewing Suggestions

We hope that you are enjoying your Christmas holidays, we definitely are! When the weather outside is a bit gloomy and not too tempting to go outside (as it is now the case in Brussels), it might be a nice thought to spend your day huddled up at home, watching movies over a cup of […]

Beware – judgement zone

In our Gentlewomen’s Club, we are constantly focusing on creating a judgement-free zone for women. When we were exchanging ideas about the club, it became clear that we wanted to create a space for ladies that strongly believe in the concept of women supporting women. We have since been extremely happy to discover that plenty […]

Race For The Cure – Because Breast Cancer Is Everyone’s Business

On September 10th, The Gentlewomen’s Club organised another running team, this time racing and collecting money for the cure to breast cancer. The yearly Race for the Cure is the world’s largest event for the fight against breast cancer. This sporting event was born in 1983 in Dallas and was created by the largest US […]

“Let me explain it to you.., A Short story about mansplaining”

In the past few years, there’s been some high-profile cases of mansplaining, including for example an episode of Project Greenlight, when Matt Damon ‘explained’ diversity to a black female producer, Effie Brown. But, of course, most instances of mansplaining don’t make the global news and can be interpreted as being subtle. They can vary from […]