Having started her career in the male dominated environment of banking, Sajni is an advocate of gender equality and breaking through the glass ceiling. She’s since switched to the world of start-ups and is excited by the opportunities of technology to make a difference in people’s lives. Sajni enjoys bringing people together and lives by […]


Born on International Women’s Day, Marianna was always destined to fly the flag for the sisterhood. A Spanish-Irish background bestowed a mischievous temperament with a certain ‘joie de vivre’. After jigging her way across Europe as a lawyer, she eventually settled in London finding herself on the other side of the table as an adviser to government. […]


Alina’s background is as diverse as her ideas: born in Latvia, raised culturally Russian, growing up in Australia and living in Paris, Switzerland and now London, Alina’s motto is “moving mountains.” Driven by staying curious and pushing boundaries, Alina worked in media & advertising, multilateral development, and now the innovation world. Her deep interest in playing […]