I have what most people will call a full life. A wonderful relationship, a loving, healthy family, about a trillion friends, many of which I can call close.

I have a reputable career, a great education, and am involved in many activities I find meaningful, impactful and fulfilling.

I have whatever most would call a healthy lifestyle, I do sports with some level of regularity, I allocate enough time for sleeping, and mostly try to eat healthy too.

Yet, I have no idea what to do with ‘me time’. Whenever I have free time, I fill it in, I schedule stuff, I work, I keep my mind busy. Even the dreams are vivid and related to real life – it’s like I’m always thinking.

Plus ‘me time’ makes me feel lonely, and then I overthink, worry, question.

When people say i’m looking forward to being in tonight, taking a long bath and doing nothing, I’m always wondering: how do you do that?

So, how do you do that? 🙂

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