Does ‘me time’ make you feel lonely sometimes?

I have what most people will call a full life. A wonderful relationship, a loving, healthy family, about a trillion friends, many of which I can call close.

I have a reputable career, a great education, and am involved in many activities I find meaningful, impactful and fulfilling.

I have whatever most would call a healthy lifestyle, I do sports with some level of regularity, I allocate enough time for sleeping, and mostly try to eat healthy too.

Yet, I have no idea what to do with ‘me time’. Whenever I have free time, I fill it in, I schedule stuff, I work, I keep my mind busy. Even the dreams are vivid and related to real life – it’s like I’m always thinking.

Plus ‘me time’ makes me feel lonely, and then I overthink, worry, question.

When people say i’m looking forward to being in tonight, taking a long bath and doing nothing, I’m always wondering: how do you do that?

So, how do you do that? 🙂

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  1. Hello! I’ve had more or less the same feeling both in the happy and sad moments of my life. I’m not sure if my experience applies to yours but here’s what i discovered about myself and what I’m working on… I feel as women we are educated, pretty much everywhere, to care for others rather than ourselves and/or that it is selfish to care only for us. In the saddest moment of my life (often I realize things during those rather than when I’m happy) I discovered I live a lucky, privileged life but I am incapable of living it alone or for myself: i have this great terrace I go to only with friends, I cook lovely dinners only with my loved ones, I prepare myself a gin tonic only if there’s someone else to share it with me. I’ve been recommended I try doing things alone and for myself and let me tell you it is actually hard, even to just recognize what I want and like, and requires constant work and I still have trouble doing it, BUT in my case the it’s working: the loneliness turns into self Discovery and appreciation, I am so happy when I finally do something consciously just for me. When I started doing this exercise my dreams changed and I’ve been having what I’ve discovered is a recurring dream mostly for women: I dream I’m in my house and I discover a secret room or a garden I wasn’t aware of: I’ve been told it means we are discovering new aspects of our self and personality. I was recommended to start small: we all have those moments when we think “nah, I’m going to do/eat/enjoy/go there/that when I find a friend to do it with”… Next time it happens consciously decide to do it for yourself and alone and see how it feels. Again, I don’t know if my experience will apply to yours but hopefully worse case scenario you’ll still be doing something that makes you happy so it’s a win-win scenario 🙂 🙂

    • DEAR CHIARA, WHAT A GREAT COMMENT, THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE! WE ARE SURE THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE WILL ENJOY READING ALL THESE KINDLY SHARED SUGGESTIONS. What worked for you may work for someone else too. And well done for the hard work, we don’t often take the time to process, think and plan for a better life. Sending love!

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