On April 26th, we organised our Girls Night Out, the first one since the creation of the Gentlewomen’s Club.

We had a super fun and yummy dinner at Pre de Chez Nous, a new gem in the city center that we totally recommend. A great big square table and a whole room for ourselves, plus wonderful service – we cannot have asked for more.

At the beginning of the dinner, everyone got a little personal question that was to be answered later on in the dinner. That glass of wine definitely helps with ice breaking! The ensuing discussions were so bubbly, powerful, honest and fun, that Steph ended up taking notes!

This is what we are all about: you and your stories, experiences, thoughts and dreams.

Should you wish to join our events and meet some of the wonderful Gentlewomen, feel free to apply at: http://www.gentlewomensclub.eu/how-to-join/

Photo disclaimer: *Fair to say we were just a bit tipsy at this stage. And so was the photographer.* 🙂

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