“The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day” – Gloria Steinem

In 2014, we started gathering fabulous women of all backgrounds and career paths around the dinner table for “The Girls Night Out”.

The connections were quickly built, the conversation flow was easy, the stories were fascinating. And it is the power of those personal connections that we thought was worth exploring further. That is how the idea of the Club was born.

We all know that women often fail to give credit to one another. We want to understand what prevents us from being more supportive and we want to learn to overcome it.

The Club is looking to make women acknowledge their personal biases and to encourage non-judgmental personal and career support.

We aim to inspire change and create a supportive network to help women succeed in their chosen paths in life.

Through our events, we provide the tools and the framework for women to become kinder to each other, both within the Club and in their own personal and professional circles.

Ultimately, we dream of a world where no woman will be judged for her informed personal choices.