On 30 September, the Gentlewomen’s Club took part at Race for the Cure, a Charity Run organised by Think Pink, an organisation that asks for more attention to breast cancer and the need for regular checks. Money collected through this fundraising exercise goes to breast cancer research. GWC did this run for the third time, making it already a noble tradition.

Our GWC team was brought together by our amazing team captain (and not to mention our HR Manager), Simone Mohrs, our co-founders Sabina Ciofu and Ania Helseth, Kalypso Thomopoulou (who recently joined the Board as a Marketing Manager), and our amazing members Otilia Ciobanu, Oana Diaconu-Horvath, Raluca Norel and Vicky Martinez Dorr, joined by Julieta Baumgartner.

The event was attended by 6959 participants who either ran 6 km or walked 3 km through Bois de la Cambre in South East of Brussels. 

The atmosphere was absolutely empowering and seeing so many people supporting each other and raising awareness for breast cancer across all ages and genders was truly inspirational.

We would like to give a special thanks to our Communications Manager Ksenija Simovic, who made it all happen and cheered for us behind the scenes. Also, big shout out to Kalypso’s incredible husband who waited for all of us at the finish line. 

Thank you!

See you all next year! Be sure to join our team!


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