I team che lavorano al sole sono i piú forti !

Because even the strongest of women need a sun break. The Gentlewomen’s Club jetted off to Venezia from Brussels and London for our first team building since the launch of our ambitious project in April 2017. Our trip was spent meandering the narrow streets of the island, graced by the late summer sun reflected in its never-ending canals, which makes the churches and palaces even more radiant. The city doesn’t disappoint: it is almost straight out of a fairy tale and enchants you in its nostalgic, blissful and mysterious embrace.

Copyright: Mikaela D’Angelo

Who said that feminists don’t care about their appearance?

Sipping our Aperol Spritz and Bellini’s over the serpentine canals, our team of 5 talked about the societal expectations of being a woman and refused the idea that somehow feminism and femininity cannot be combined. We shouldn’t be guilty of not being taken seriously if we wear high heels and makeup. We rebutted the notion that women should constantly strive to be likable and liked, and pressure themselves with the sometimes burdensome role of being a mentor and a role model. Let’s strive instead be sincere, to own our opinions, to be courageous. To be ourselves.

Stay tuned ladies – GWC has a busy calendar ahead

Most importantly, we brainstormed for a creative and busy autumn and winter! September was particularly packed, kick starting the term with our first series of events on self-awareness and self-improvement with psychologist Danae Kyriakaki and the most recent power lunch with Senior Advisor at Teneo and former Chairwoman of Xerox, Ursula Burns. Up next is our Girls Night ‘In’ with our friend and coach Vicky Martinez Dorr, to be hosted in our very own co-founder Sabina’s living room. We also have ambitious plans to open up our international hubs in Bucharest, London and Dublin, plan our launch party, and fit in self-defense and mindfulness classes. Cheers to that!

Copyright: Mikaela D’Angelo

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