I first came across Dolly Alderton through the High Low podcast, which she co-hosts with fellow journalist Pandora Sykes. I had recently discovered podcasts in general (yes I was living under a rock) and became a regular listener, binging the back log in the process as well.
On one of the episodes, Dolly mentioned that her first book would be coming out soon. I loved the voice and tone of their show and was left intrigued. Ordering a new batch of books, I added ‘Everything I Know about Love’ to the Amazon basket.
I have not flown through a book that fast since Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (RIP Dumbledore).
Thinking about how to describe it, I settled on– it’s like a conversation with a good friend. Someone who, through sharing their stories of growing up – with the joys, craziness, anxiety, love and loss that it can bring – leads you to reflect on your own experiences and emotions they brought, the highs and the lows (podcast pun intended). It is also an exploration of female friendships and the role they play in our lives.
In a word, this book is honest. And funny. And has recipes. And has a chapter on MSN (don’t tell me you do not remember!!) And it is this months pick for the GWC book club.
I hope that you will join our discussion during the week of 18 March and share with us your thoughts on ‘Everything I know About Love.’

Liga Semane

GWC Events Manager

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