Looking for inspiring ladies to set up the Bucharest Hub of the Gentlewomen’s Club

Half a year since we have launched the Club in Brussels, we are now coming to Bucharest.

Are you – or do you know someone who is – passionate about women empowerment, with some spare time and with a ton of ideas? Then please fill in this form or share it with your friends and contacts https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_sbKRcxiIsmTKNJR6VjcN2y2WnaTOcyV7ujcf0fTB8c/viewform?edit_requested=true

We are aiming to create a local team by the end of the year, so we can launch the Bucharest Hub early 2018.

The deadline for written applications is October 70th, so hurry up!

We are very excited to hear from you and looking forward to reading your story!

GWC Team

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  1. Yessss i need more info about the Application process please!

  2. Hello, i have all the time in the world. It sounds good, please give me more details and maybe we can find a way to create something together, something that might inspire and empower women.Thank you. Best regards, ioana dracopol

  3. Hello,
    writing you from bucharest in this moment, beautiful autumn by the way 🙂
    what would you like to receive as written applications?
    i am based in Bucharest,
    I am passionate about women empowerment and
    I have some spare time on MY hands for doing something meaningful
    I have been doing all the above on my own, on a regular conversational basis, since forever, especially in the last 3 years when i have decided to quit my corporate job. I am an argentinian tango teacher as well. I speak French and English, understand Spanish and Italian.
    my motto in life is “the greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”
    explore, unfold, unite, breath, love and celebrate

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