Karima has a Masters in applied economics and works in the car industry. She went from contract and credit analysis to being the right hand of the CEO and at the same time supporting ongoing strategic projects. She speaks four languages fluently which made it impossible for her to master the art of expression in all. So she’s fairly known for creating her own expressions! She has a bit too much energy not always knowing where to put it so when you can’t find her working behind her laptop coming up with new ideas, she’s putting her energy in sports: Jiu-jitsu, cross-fit and dancing! She loves travelling, laughing, meeting new people, spending time with her family and loved ones. She’s also a spiritual person and puts some time to the side for meditation. She’s positive, joyful, quite straightforward and motivated! Her weakness? Chocolate and her cat Boogie. Yep, she’s certainly a cat person!

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