Born and raised in South Belgium from Flemish and Moroccan parents, Yasmina has found herself in spaces where people didn’t look like her. She is constantly trying to navigate in new environments and taking challenges, while finding out who she really is. That is why she loves bringing completely different people together and discovering what they have in common. Yasmina is fiercely passionate about finding everyone’s WHY (check Simon Sinek on this). With a very rational mind, she doesn’t care about getting crazy on the dancefloor or at concerts. She can’t live without karate, that has taught her respect, discipline, self-confidence … and some cool kicks! With two feet in Brussels but her heart always in Liège, she loves to spend her free time volunteering, going to exhibitions, looking for street art, biking and immerging in nature in order to disconnect from the city. Yasmina is not giving up learning Arabic and keeping plants alive.

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