The Founders


Ania is a lobbyist who loves everything telecoms. Having done a full Brussels magic circle (the European Parliament, the Council and a trade association), she now settled herself in Facebook.
Ania feels best when is on the move, either checking new spots in her current home town of Brussels or getting lost somewhere around in Europe. In her view, every journey is worthwhile (even if it’s just to discover a new wine bar around the corner). In her free time, she probably spends too much time analyzing latest fashion blogs and enjoys long chats with her friends over a glass of wine about absolutely everything.


A Europhile whose identity (and therefore accent) has a little piece of Belgium, UK and France, amongst others. Home is everywhere, and nowhere. This has nurtured her love of travel, especially South East Asia. Nothing quite brings a smile to her face than a sunset over Burmese or Cambodian temples. Sunday mornings find her sipping on green juices or, behind her camera, taking snaps of the city. She quit her job to pursue her passion for women’s rights and is still finding her path. In the meantime, you are guaranteed to be her best friend if you talk to her about the gender pay gap after two glasses of gin.


After living in Brussels for several years, Özlem recently burst out of the EU bubble and relocated to London where she works as a lawyer. Özlem discovered that she was a feminist at 13 when she was told off for having a bob haircut — apparently girls are meant to have long hair. Since then, Özlem believes that women should be free to find their own paths in life and shouldn’t be burdened by society’s pressure of who they should be, or how they should look. One of her favourite quotes is “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” – Malala Yousafzai. It’s something Özlem always asks herself. When she’s not daydreaming about living in a better world, Özlem’s hobbies include interior design, ballet, cheese, detox retreats and wine tasting trips. The top thing on her bucket list is to dance in a flash mob.


Sabina likes to think of herself as a doer. She believes in the power of people with larger-than-life ideas.
You will often find her in a coffee shop behind her Mac, with a large latte on the side.
When she’s not working on her PhD or one of her other side projects, you’ll probably bump into her jogging away through the streets of Brussels. Sabina talks too much politics, well, ok, too much everything… with disarming passion. She plays tennis and does ballroom dancing. She’s often asked where she fits it all, a question she never has the right answer for.


Stephanie, a tomboy at heart, would often be seen as ‘one of the guys’ avoiding the stereotypical groups of girls she didn’t trust.
Fortunately (in recent years) she was proved wrong and counts herself lucky to have a group of strong and kind women in her life she calls her close friends. Women who motivate and support each other. Now she strongly feels that more women should be able to enjoy such a support and motivation and this is what encouraged her to be part of this project.

Bucharest Team


Claudia is definitely an artist. From photography (which she studied in the UK) to recently starting to learn how to draw, you know you’ve got her hooked on the subject of arts. Even more so, she enjoys discussing women in art and dreams of an empowering union of artists in her city.

Which city that is, well, Bucharest, of course. Originally born in Transylvania, she grew up in the capital, although mostly at the edge of the town, only recently moving in its heart and enjoying its undiscovered gems.

When she’s not frantically trying to conjure up her next creative project, you can find her in a corner (at home more often than not) obsessively reading about a new subject she suddenly developed an interest in. It can change from one week to another. She likes to keep things interesting.


Daria, a mix of Disney princess at heart and Xena warrior attitude, always enjoys a heated debate around feminism vs. femininity.
She believes that women can have it all and tries to lead by example.
A young mother of two, Daria is actively trying to be an innovative changemaker with a strong focus on education. As today’s curricula does not prepare kids for tomorrow’s future, Daria helps bring 21st century life skills in schools all around Romania.


A classical introvert, Lu is a person of short and powerful phrases, of quick thinking and immediate action.

She ignites when she picks up new ideas or uncommon concepts which aim to unite people and make us better as human beings. Recently, she started writing and professional mentoring because of her strong belief in the power of sharing and teaching.

In her spare time, Lu spends time with her family and her adorable former stray dog. For outer peace and inner dynamics, Lu loves to read and attend movie festivals. She is also a collector and you’ll get to know more about her collections once you meet her!


A young creative spirit born and raised in a small town in Transylvania, Oana followed a pretty uncommon career path that combined entrepreneurship, social environment and disruptive technology. She once had a 9 months crush on London, but now she’s in a serious relationship with Bucharest. Her day is perfect if it starts with home-cooked breakfast and good music, and ends with meaningful conversations over a nice glass of wine. Oana built a strong personality by always pushing herself out of the comfort zone and a designer mindset by combining empathy with her interest for sense-making. She’s into observing and improving herself constantly not by using mirrors but by being more present in her life.


A research scientist, passionate about art and beauty. She is the contrast between army boots and ballet pointe shoes. Very ambitious and stubborn, a sensitive and professional daydreamer, she believes that impossible become possible if you truly wish it. She admires strong women who proved their supremacy in their profession and thinks that we should be our own example for a better world.
Raluca loves to speak about ideas, science, the meaning of life and any other topics where she can have a brilliant contradictory discussion. It`s not about the destination, it’s all about the beauty of the journey! She does ballet and dance and is passionate about Russian language and culture. If you ask her for an advice she`s gonna tell you “Normalcy is boring! Have the courage to live your life and never ignore your passions! The limit is only in your mind!”